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I write adventures for those in search of a good story. My novels fall in the Fantasy genre, but many people consider them Sci-fi too. Each story is written with what I look for when I read a book: action, adventure, twists and turns, love, heroes, vicious enemies, fighting (weapons and hand to hand combat). I write because I want to share the stories that are inside of me. I hope you enjoy the adventures as much as I love writing them!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

I hope you all get to enjoy being a kid and dressing up today (I'm dressing up like a biker chick - the rated G version), and maybe eat more candy than you should (I know I will be)!  

Scary things of the day.  1) Today is the last day to send me an email and get a free book!  Follow this link for more info.  2) I can't paint my daughter face or make it pink because of silly school rules.  (There was a lengthy list of no-no, and they only get to wear their costumes for a couple of hours.  Which I realized was very funny, because Kindergartners, middle schoolers, and high schoolers get to wear them all day.   3)  My oldest wasn't interested in dressing up.  Wake up call, again that he's getting older.  4) My computer will not allow me to work on my books so I only get another hour before I have to go and do other things to prepare for the rest of Halloween.  5) It's raining.  It's actually a beautiful rain that's wonderful for a lot of things (including hiking, running, soccer, dancing...) except for Halloween costumes.   I didn't say my list was a list of horrific things just scary... to me. 

Story updates: 
                    Story 13: started  reading it again last night. 
                   The Shadow Dragon:  Fixing the stupid errors in Aleksertac so I can put it and Orbs of Fire in paperback.  When I finish that, I will fix the revisions in the next book/s and then continue writing on that.  The thoughts are brewing and I am looking forward to having time to work on it!
                   Story 11 still waiting on my busy friend.  Hopefully though that will be ready for Copyright very soon.  Well once I get a title for it, of course.  Titles...Grr...
                  Story 9 has the same issue.   Which I guess is good, since I only have so much time at the library.  Ugh.
                 That's all I'm working on right now.  Story 10 and 12 are simmering in the back of my mind.  Story 4 frustrates me every time I try to sit with it.  Story 7 hasn't even interested me since I became sidetrack with with Story 8 (Not Human)  I also just realized that i have a book started that actually has a title and not a number it should have been 12, but umm...oops.   

I guess that's all for now.  I do want to work a little bit more on Aleksertac before I leave and take a walk in the beuatiful, warm rain.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Update on Story 13/ "The Shadow Dragon" series/reminder

I finished my first revision on Story 13!  I am going to do another read through because I added another 20,000 words to the story.  After I'm done, I am confident that after this next read through - and I fix those revisions - it will be ready for my "editors".  

I am also just over halfway through the next  The Shadow Dragon book.  It's better than I had thought it was and I'm very certain that it is going to be two books.  There is a lot of room for me to grow my newest character while still building the story's main characters.  I have to admit though, the pressure of not letting readers down sits a little heavier with each sequel.  I've read plenty of series books where I was disappointed with each book that was released.  I am trying to keep the adventure up, throwing in what I hope you won't see coming, while in other places letting you be happy that you knew what was coming.  This book/s is going to take a little longer to get out since I am not the fastest reader out there.  However reading a physical copy helps me step away from the fact that I wrote it.  This allows me to ask more questions about what is going on, notice discrepancies in the storyline, and see the overall ability of the action/adventure to keep me interested.

Just a reminder.  October 31st is the last day to take me up on my offer to buy you one of my books.  Want to know which books and how to get one follow this link!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

One week left for a free book

One week left to get a free book!   You can choose from Taken:Marks of the Satrii, The Shadow Dragon: Orbs of Fire, or Not Human.  October 31st is the last day to take me up on this offer!   All you have to do is send an email to me ( with which title you'd like and which format you need or e-reader you have.  Really, it's that easy!   Below are the Titles and a description, above is the first chapter.

Taken:Marks of the Satrii:   Ava's day started out just like every other. She had no idea that when her best friend, Ashley, told her they were going out for a "girl's night" that her very normal life was about to take a turn that she never saw coming. She runs to the woods to escape the reality that she doesn't want to face, only to be hunted by shadows that shouldn't be there.

The Shadow Dragon: Orbs of Fire: When I was a child Alex took me to a Tournament, and ever since then I have been driven to become the greatest swordsman in all of Lord Vertas’ land. Alex taught me that to be a noteworthy swordsman I would have to train every day and endure the adversity of the world around me. However when orbs of fire make their presence known to me, my eyes are opened to a world that I didn’t know existed. A world where there are more than just mortals attempting to influence my future. Now, I must discover what is really important…if it’s not too late.  

Not Human:  In my fight for survival, my attempt to fit in, my desire to not become a horrific person I discovered that there are truths to my past that had been hidden from me, secrets that I was never supposed to learn. They thought they could manipulate me by preying upon my human weaknesses - my compassion, my need to belong, my desire to be loved. They expected the betrayal to cause me to kill for them.

My name is Rose Tronst and as my father once stated: A rose is delicate and beautiful, but when not handled with care will make you bleed.

Solace:Uncharted Territory:  (This book is a FREE book)   When Karissa is sent to Earth, she finds a creature named Jack. She is confident he will be the key to her freedom. In her hasty attempt to bring him before Omatha, she winds up in a tailspin of cataclysmic events that hurls her into uncharted territory. Could it be true that what she believes to be evil will be the one thing that saves her?
I hope those of you who have recieved a free book are enjoying the adventure!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Just a reminder

Tomorrow I am putting "Taken:Marks of the Satrii" back to $2.99.  If you want to pick it up for FREE then you should go to Barnes&Nobles, Apple, Smashwords, Kobo, Diesel, or Sony and download a copy today (links are to the right).  

Unless of course, you want to shoot me an email (  Then you have until the end of October to get it for FREE!  You've already read Taken, but would like a copy of The Shadow Dragon: Orbs of Fire, Not Human (which is a stand alone book), or Solace: Uncharted Territory (Actually this book is FREE everyday).  All you have to do is send an email to me before November 1st, let me know which title of the above listed, and format (or e-reader, I'll know which format).  I'll send you a copy and you will get to enjoy the next adventure!  Not sure which adventure to start.  A link to Chapter One for each book is above.  I look forward to hearing from you!

I'm about halfway through my revisions on Story 13 and am very happy with myself.  I did start writing a section that I had left blank because I didn't have that piece of the story, but I do now.   Have I mentioned that I love the revision process!   This week has not been the greatest for being able to write, but I am doing the best I can - trying hard to not get frustrated, because we all know how that only makes things worse. 

That's it for now.  Back to working on Story 13! 

Monday, October 14, 2013

More Computer Trouble

Ugh.  My computer is getting worse, making it very difficult to keep up with my goals.  At the moment, I am going to the library every morning after dropping my daughter off.  It sucks since I usually do most of my writing after the kids go to bed or before they wake up.  The day time is busy, especially now that my other job is picking up.  I really enjoy that job, but I love writing.  Why am I telling you all this.  Mostly to apologize for my lack of updates.  I once again, was going to put in a stronger effort to  blog more often.  

Now onto the updates:

I am now fixing my edits/revisions for story 13.  I have to admit I was pretty happy with the story for getting it written in two weeks.    There's quite a bit of red ink, but it's mostly just me adding more to the story.  Which is fun!  Seriously.  I really enjoy this part (wish there were more hours for me to do it, that I could type faster).  Don't get me wrong it would awesome to write the story perfectly, but I do enjoy developing the plots, changing how it is that my characters find out crucial information, creating the love story.  There is something really awesome to watch the story grow and develop with each reading until finally I read through it and go I can't believe I did that!  Then of course I hand it off and anticipate getting the comments back from my editors.  Story 13 is at 61,300 words already and I've only revised 6 chapters.

When I'm not at the Library I've started re-reading The Shadow Dragon book 3.  I think I've already commented on this, but I'm hoping that it will develop into books 3 and 4.  I'm only in the first chapter of this book, but I know my manuscript has so many ideas in it that I have a ton of expanding to do, which is why I think it will become two books - but we shall see.  

I've also read my adult book again., and decided to let my other friend read it for a second opinion, knowing that there are a few things I have already changed due to the feedback of another friend.  I told her to be mean, give me honest feedback, and any ideas or wording that would be better.  It's a really good story and if it fails again, I might just try to clean the story up and stick with that.  My friend whom I'm waiting on has a pretty busy life so this book is still kind of on the back burner.

Story 11 is still waiting on one last editor to get it back to me.  However, it looks like it will be complete after I fix the errors and address the opinions that they have on the story! 

All in all, I'm still making progress...just slower.  I am blessed that the library isn't too far away and that I have the time to get here (even if it is only for a few hours).  I am blessed that my friends and family are still supporting my dream, that my readers are still enjoying my books and passing the word along.  I am blessed that the stories and ideas continue to flow. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Two year anniversary = Free book!

I was checking out my dashboard on Smashwords, and I realized that I published my first book 2 years ago today!  Wow!  In 2 years I've published 7 books!  I can't explain to you how excited that makes me!  Four-ish years ago I sat in front of a computer writing a book, which was supposed to be only for me - just to see if I could do it.  However my oldest son planted the bug of what if you published it (he actually said, "you're going to be famous", but my confidence didn't allow me to grasp that).  Of course not thinking that was even a possibility, the story that I worked on while my kids were sleeping grew into what is now Taken - books one and two.  As some of you might have already read, it wasn't an easy job for a couple of my friends to push me into e-publishing.  Shortly afterwards I realized: I am my own worst enemy.  (Because my books are selling)  In those two years before I published I was also working on a second book, which is still in manuscript form (because I just haven't had the time to really give it the love it needs - this is the book that will only be out in paperback when it's done.).  I remember thinking when these two books are done what will happen next.  However, since I've published I haven't been able to stop writing and I really don't want to!  I've written 12 stories - not including their sequels.  All thanks to those who believed in me more than I did!  I really am thankful to each and everyone of them!  When I wrote Taken, Ava's character empowered me and allowed me step out of what I had become.  But it is with the support of my family and friends that I have continued to tap into the strength and confidents that I found while writing my first book.  I have taken that energy and focused it into something that I think most people will enjoy! 

So, in honor of this awesome occasion I am going to do to two things:

First: I have made Taken: Marks of the Satrii FREE.  You'll be able to pick it up at any of the links to the right.  (I did this today so you may have to keep checking back at your particular store, but it should show up in the next couple of days if it hasn't already!)  This is a limited time offer.  Two weeks after it is FREE at Barnes&Nobles and Apple, I will put the price back up to $2.99

Second:  For the month of October, if you would like to read the first book in any series that I've written let me know and I will send you the ebook for the e-reader of your choice!  Just email me your email address, which book you'd like (my email is, and I will send it to you within a couple of days!  Yep, that easy!  The titles are:

    Taken Marks of the Satrii
    Solace: Uncharted Territory
    The Shadow Dragon: Orbs of Fire
    Not Human

Happy reading!