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I write adventures for those in search of a good story. My novels fall in the Fantasy genre, but many people consider them Sci-fi too. Each story is written with what I look for when I read a book: action, adventure, twists and turns, love, heroes, vicious enemies, fighting (weapons and hand to hand combat). I write because I want to share the stories that are inside of me. I hope you enjoy the adventures as much as I love writing them!

Friday, July 12, 2013

"Not Human" at Smashwords

Woo Hoo!!  Not Human is now selling at  Within the next two weeks it should be everywhere.  The seventh book I've published.  I can't believe that just a few years ago I couldn't even image being able to write a book, let alone publish one!  Taken was published in October of 2011 and now in July of 2013 I have published my 7th book!!   I just cannot contain the excitement for this book!   I really hope you enjoy this story!  I still cannot read it and not get sucked in!  

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July and other ramblings! :)

1)    Happy 4th of July!  A day to remember our history, those that have fought for our freedoms, the heroes that loved someone enough to decide that they would protect them with their life if necessary, this country was built on dreams and new ideas.  It is a day of fun and celebration too.  For me this day also means a game of fun baseball (no strikes, stealing bases...literally, getting in the way of the runner, and the game ending in a tie and lots of laughs.  These rules were put in place long before I was born), too much crap food (I made three different snack foods that are stock full of sugar and will be out all day to snag as we run around like crazy people), hot dogs cooked over a bonfire, smores, fireworks, family, and friends. 

2)    Ha ha!  I left the post title blank and a warning came up to tell me it is required and must not be left blank.  Ugh!  I shouldn't be required to title my posts, it seems silly.  It's supposed to be my blog, and it just so happens that titles are a stress factor for me...although perhaps having to title my blogs will help me with my books...not likely, but possibly.  Okay I should be sleeping right now but I have so much I wanted to share with you that I decided to blog instead (so bear with me).

3)    Not Human is all set.  Just waiting on the Copyright office to close that file.  The paperback is going to have to wait though because I'm having issues with the color.  I sure wish I had the time to learn more about computer graphics along with the money to buy an awesome program.  Anyways, I have the book all formatted for, the cover ready, and well I am super excited about this book.  I know I'm excited about every book I publish, but you can't blame me for that.  I picked up Taken earlier today, just for fun, and I honestly cannot believe that I wrote it.  Not Human is my favorite book so far, and you all know how much I like all my books.  I can't quite put my finger on why that is.  I just know that every time I read it, I think man I wish there was another book to this story, but I really don't think there will be.  (I know, I wrote it.)  Right now, to me, it is complete.  But I did not put "The End" on it because honestly I never know what will happen.   One thing is for sure, Not Human will be released in less than 2 weeks!  And you will get to follow Rose on an adventure that is unlike all my other stories. 

4)     I have finally finished my newest book (Story 11).  No, no title yet.  Hopefully it will come to me after my editors read through it.  I do however have the cover mostly figured out.  This story was an interesting write.  There is going to be a flower on the cover.  Why a flower?  Well, it was what inspired the story.  My daughter had to have this sparking pink flower and as she held it in her hands, I smiled.  I couldn't stop thinking how it would make an awesome cover.  Of course I needed a story for it first.  And that was how Story 11 was started.  (I keep telling you inspiration is everywhere.)  But that wasn't the most fun part for me.  I was talking with a friend awhile back, telling them how excited I was to finish it because I wanted to know who the bad guy was, it could have been anyone but my mind had not shown me who at the time.  And honestly I had to write the ending twice because when I re-read the book, it wasn't right.  With a slight tweak, I was happy with the outcome.  Now I have to wait to see what my editors think... summer is a little slower for getting my books edited.  Which is fine, because if I've learned one thing, it is things never go as planned - for example  I had hoped to have two more books out before Christmas (this one and my adult book which has been placed on the back burner due to my friend pointing out a problem that I hadn't noticed when I wrote it).  Now it doesn't look like I will accomplish that. 

5)    On the up and up side, now that this Story 11 is done, I can focus on The Shadow Dragon book 3!  The images and ideas (which includes the subtitle "Eternal" - maybe) for this book  made it very difficult to finish my revisions on Story 11.  So as you can imagine I am very excited to get started, but I wanted to update you on what I've been doing.

6)    One last thing, is having their annual Summer/Winter sale (because it's summer here and winter on the other side of the planet).  I have made The Shadow Dragon:Orbs of Fire free for this sale.  (Click here to get to the page)  There is a coupon code which on the page, and it is only free at  I'm not sure if I'll keep it free all month so you should check it out (along with books from other IndieAuthors)!!