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I write adventures for those in search of a good story. My novels fall in the Fantasy genre, but many people consider them Sci-fi too. Each story is written with what I look for when I read a book: action, adventure, twists and turns, love, heroes, vicious enemies, fighting (weapons and hand to hand combat). I write because I want to share the stories that are inside of me. I hope you enjoy the adventures as much as I love writing them!


Q:  How long have you been writing?
A:  I've been writing since March of 2009.

Q: When did you start publishing?
A: I published my first book October of 2011.

Q: Why did it take you so long?
A: I had no idea what I was doing.   I had twenty people (probably more) read the manuscript of Taken.  Each time it was returned to me I learned a little more about writing a good story (I'm still learning).   It would have been easy to decide that I was obviously not cut out for writing, but I felt in my soul that this was what I am supposed to do (something I had never felt before).  So after many revisions, dealing with my own self doubt, and figuring out how to publish it, I held my breath and did it.  In the grand scheme of things, two years wasn't that long.

Q: How long does it take you to write a book?
A: The quickest I've written the first draft of a book was a week and a half, the longest took 4 months.  The first draft to me is the whole story - beginning to end.  I do have unfinished books on my computer, but not because of writer's block.  I just haven't had the time to finish them.  Either because I am busy with other projects or I simply do not have the time. 

Q: How do you deal with people who criticize what you write?
A: Everyone has an opinion and it's theirs to share.  If it's constructive, I consider what they've said.   I know I'm a work in progress so I love feedback.    At the end of the day, I'm okay with some people not liking what I write (I don't like everything book out there either). 

Q: What's your biggest Obstacle?
A: Myself.  I constantly fight with myself about my capabilities.  I will re-read one of my own books and on be in awe that I wrote it.  Unfortunately, these feelings of inadequacy make it hard to publish a book, and sometimes even finish a story.   I will say though, it's easier to believe in myself since I have had many compliments on my writing, and it helps that I can remind myself I've already published several books.  

Q:What are you most proud of as far as writing goes?
A: That I was able to defeat my insecurities and share stories with other people, people who have fallen in love with the characters/story.

Q: What inspires you?
A: Inspiration is everywhere.  I never know where it will come from.  It could be something I observe, something that happened to me, something from a dream, music, a walk in the woods...   It only takes an idea and once the characters are created, the story comes alive.

Q: How do you write your outline?
A: I do not use an outline.  Believing I had to write an outline was one of the things that held me back from writing.  I thought I had to have one.  I've never been able to design an outline first.  In school I'd write and then go back and put the outline together to appease the teachers.  However,  I've discovered that there is no wrong way to write a story, except to not write.  When the idea for Taken came to me I fought off the idea that I could do it for a long time.  One day I couldn't fight the urge and I sat down in front of the computer and began writing.  The story created itself as I wrote it.  It was very much like watching a movie.   I couldn't wait until the end to see what was going to happen.

Q: Why did you chose Self Publishing?
A:  Read my blog: How I Found My Way to e-publishing.  There are several links to pages that I read before I made my decision.  (It's been brought to my attention that some of the links in this blog lead to nowhere, and I apologize.  I updated the links I could find and deleted the ones that I couldn't.)

Q: When do you decide it's ready to be published?
A: When I read through it and I'm no longer adding or deleting anything of significance.  Basically I'm just editing.  I then hand it off to three people who check for the flow of story and grammatical errors.  I get it back, fix the errors, adjust the story as needed, read it one more time, fix the problems I find, and send it to copyright.  Then I'm ready to publish.

Q: Do you listen to a certain type of music when you write?
A: Nope.  My iPod list has everything from Mozart to Rob Zombie, Lindsey Sterling to Godsmack, Hans Zimmer to Eminem, Aerosmith to One Republic.  There have been times where I will replay a song or style of music over and over to write a particular scene.  When I wrote Taken I listened to a lot of Evanescence.  Each book I've written has at least one song that I have attached the story to.  For Example, when I hear "Bring me to Live" by Evanescence I think of Taken.  "Secrets" by One Republic pulls me back to Solace: Lost.   And every time I hear "Far Away" by Nickelback I want to read Not Human.

Q: Why do you like Super Heroes so much?
A: Because they fill me with hope of what we could be.  Sure they tend to have super powers, or have  too much money, or are beyond geniuses, but that is why I am so enamored with them.  Because  even though they have these abilities they have chosen to help others, to protect them, and they try to make the world a better place - which is something we all can do.   Superman could have taken over the world, but he didn't.  He was humble and compassionate, and he never looked at a person and thought they weren't worth his time.  Sure they're fictional, but that doesn't mean we can't strive to do the best we can with what we're given.

Q: Of the books you've written which is your favorite?
A: I love all my stories.  There's something in each of them that I really enjoy and characters I fall in love with.  With that being said, Not Human is probably my favorite.  I like the intensity, the way it twists and turns, and I love the ending.  

Q: Who is you're favorite character that you've written?
A: I don't know.  It's like asking me which of my children I like best.  I can honestly say I love them all.  My boys have favorites.  My oldest's favorite is Alex from The Shadow Dragon (followed closely by Gabriel from Taken.)  My younger son's favorite is Jack from Solace.

Q: Have you always wanted to write?
A: I remember wanting to write books in middle school, but lost my desire after several of my english teachers throughout my education told me my writing wasn't any good.  I dabbled in poetry in college, but that was just for me.  Eventually I quit writing all together.  It wasn't until 2009 that I was overwhelmed by the urge to write a story.  I wrote in secret until my oldest son caught me writing and told me I was going to be famous.  I didn't agree with him, but it got me thinking about what I could do.  I had been working on Taken that day.  I guess I just needed someone to believe in me.

Q: Are you still writing?
A: Always.  My day is incomplete if I haven't written something.  To date I have 16 stories on my computer - and that does not include sequels.

Q: How do you keep them all straight?
A: I made up a sheet with the title of the story (if it doesn't have a title then it's a number.  For example Story 1 is Taken), who the main characters are, how far along it is (word count), and whether or not it is published.  As soon as I see the names of the characters I know exactly which story is which.   Each character is real to me, and mixing up their stories would be like mixing up my mom's life with my best friends life.  Not going to happen.

Q: Besides writing what else do you love to do?
A: I love being a mom.  After that, I love being in the woods - no matter if it's camping or hiking or just sitting among the trees.

Q:  Do you have an odd habit when you write?
A:  I love to eat warm chocolate chip cookies and drink cold milk when I write.  I have a huge sweet tooth to begin with, but when I write...  yum.

If there is something else you'd like to know about me or what I've accomplished, please let me know:

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