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I write adventures for those in search of a good story. My novels fall in the Fantasy genre, but many people consider them Sci-fi too. Each story is written with what I look for when I read a book: action, adventure, twists and turns, love, heroes, vicious enemies, fighting (weapons and hand to hand combat). I write because I want to share the stories that are inside of me. I hope you enjoy the adventures as much as I love writing them!

Heart of the Emperor (Chapter 1)

You really shouldn’t be the one going on this mission,Kyle stated, holding my body tight to his.  
Smith asked me as a favor,I replied as he slid his lips to my neck.  He, like you, knows how important transporting this prisoner is.
Intel believes hes the Commander, which means no ones above him except their Emperor.  They say hes the deadliest Kamtra.
Exactly,I said, trying to not become distracted by his lips.  
What happens if he gets free and takes you hostage, or worse.
Kyle, I dont think that…”
Wouldn’t it just make things worse?
I doubt that…”
Think about all the relations we have with the other species out here because of you.  They adore you, if you were killed by the KamtraI think they would finally join together and attack.
Right.  Im not that big of a…”
Thats not what I hear.
Nothing bad is going to happen.  Smith asked me, remember?  Do you really think that he would send your wife to her death?  Lets say youre right, that the other alien races adore me.  That just proves that I am the right person for this mission.  My skills as both a soldier and mediator are necessary. We dont want this to get out of hand.  If he is the Commander, then he has killed a lot of our soldiers, but it also means that maybe we can make a truce and prevent more unnecessary violence.
You dont think your arrogance will get in the way?
Very funny.
Kyle pressed his lips against mine.  My body clung to his, but after a moment I pushed myself away.  I need to get going.
I guess you do,he whispered as he stepped close again, moving is cheek next to mine. Wouldn’t you rather stay here?” 
I smiled at his attempt.  I have to go.  I cant be late for this mission.
They wont leave without you.  Your skills are too important,he breathed while his hands undid the button on my pants.
Kyle, I have to go,I sternly said, forcing myself away from him as I zipped and buttoned my pants.  The Kamtra wont hesitate to attack, theyre probably already on their way.  If he stays here too long, the Kamtra soldiers will arrive and annihilate the base.  The situation is so delicate that only my team, the President, and, maybe, three other people know about this - and thats including you.
Why dont they just kill him?Kyle irritably asked.  
I rolled my eyes, I just told him why.  Because he could give us information that we could use, that could help calm the tensions between our raceseventually.  Not to mention the Kamtra are not a race we want hating us.
He has killed our soldiers, no matter their rank.  Weve lost…”
I know, but we do not need to act like were five and sink to his level.  Were better than that.  Hell give us the information we need, and then well…”
What?  Put him up in a nice cell, and coddle him because his people have shown ours no mercy?” 
I took a deep breath and calmed my growing frustration.  He was only venting, it wasnt personal.  We dont know the whole story,I replied, trying to calm his anger.  What if theyre…”
Theyre murdering, blood thirsty monsters like none weve gone up against.
I smiled sympathetically at him, kissed his cheek, and headed for the door.  Ill be back in a month, give or take a couple days.
You had better take care, and kill the bastard if anything seems shady.”  
I halted at the door, hastily biting back my urge to turn around and continue the argument.  The truth was, we knew very little about the Kamtra.  We could be in sacred space for all we knew.   This military base was established when I was just a child, but even then there was information from explorers that dated back a century, and from what Ive read the Kamtra were already at war with us.   
I had found a small amount of information on a Captain Luke Hawkins.  He was the first human to travel to this section of space.  Captain Hawkins had spent his life allegedly searching for a power source that would boost human space travel and maybe even lengthen our life span.  There wasn’t much else documented, just a couple of sightings where it was said that he had developed a good relation with the Kamtra.  The only other thing recorded was a side note stating that space travel had finally taken its toll on Captain Hawkinsmind.  When his transmissions completely stopped, a search and rescue began.  This led to the last documented contact we had with the Kamtra: they annihilated a small armada.  
We took that incident as a warning of their merciless warring behavior.  Since then we have done our best to keep our distance.  It has only been in the last ten years that we have attracted the Kamtras attention again.   Needless to say, weve only learned a few things about the Kamtra over the last decade. The most important is they have no tolerance for us.  
Our technology has vastly advanced, but not enough.  The Kamtra are still far superior.  Usually when the Kamtra are sighted, death is left in their wake.   The fact that we have this opportunity to speak with a Kamtra commander is a dream come true.  This could be the turning point to end all the death.  
I understood Kyles angered outburst.  His attempt to rile me up so that I would stay and argue was because he loved me and he didn’t like that I was heading into a dangerous situation.  But what did he expect?  This was a military base in hostile space, and it wasnt like my father raised me to think that it wasn’t.  Kyle knew what he was signing up for when he married me.  I hid nothing from him.  
I was a commander when he met me.  I strived to be the best, to always train so that I would always survive, because when push came to shove, I was going to fight for what was right - and I was going to win.  Danger was a way of life, I was taught to love the adrenaline spike in a hostile situation, to always think of the best way for my men to survive, which meant to think one step ahead.  This was what he loved about me.  I was filled with an adventurous spirit and smart enough to figure out the right thing to do.
I love you too,I said endearingly and walked out the door.


So far, hes been a perfect prisoner,Sergeant Thompson stated.  He hasnt tried to break free since he woke up.
I cant believe our luck that he was unconscious,I replied as I turned away from the screen that was displaying the Kamtras ruthless encounters with the Galactic Military.  I was starting to agree with Kyle, I shouldnt be doing this.  I hadnt been in the combat field in four years.  I still practiced every day, but practicing and being in the thick of it was not the samenot even close.
Ill take the luck,Thompson replied.  This ones been leading the Kamtra against us for far too long.  He is the best commander, pilot, fighter Ive ever seen - its like he knows what were going to do before we do it.  Hes a perfect marksman, and Ive seen him rip people to pieces with his bare hands.
I swallowed hard at his last comment.  Youve seen him do that?
I couldnt sleep for weeks after witnessing his rage and strength.”  
I thought that was a fabricated story.
Sorry, Matix, but he is quite capable.
Maybe hes not who we think he is,I stated.  Its not like they look very different from one another.
They only look a lot alike to those who havent seen them up close - kinda like us humans.  But he is, without a doubt, the Kamtra Commander.
If what I had thought were only rumors of his capabilities are actually trueI just dont think he would be captured so easily, plus be a perfect prisoner.  I mean you just said hes…”
The one thing that makes him visually different from all the others is his eyes.  Ive never seen any alien whose eyes alone send fear racing down my back, and Ive come face to face with a lot of aliens.
Youre sure he cant break those chains?I asked as an ominous feeling filled my mind.
Hes been awake for two days, and theyre still on him.
Youre sure he can’t?
Yes, M’am,he replied, and then leaned in close.  Were in trouble if he can.
I nodded my head, no longer confident in my teams safety.  I couldnt remember the last time I was this nervous about a mission, and I had done more than my share - mostly because I was the best mediator in this quadrant.  The other species weve come across found my presence less offensive than the other mediators, probably because I put a lot of my time into my studies - I really did want to make good relations between us and anyone we met.  I had been out here my whole life, but we were still the new guys to this section of the universe and I never acted as though that wasnt true.   
Has he spoken?I inquired after a deep breath to calm my anxiety.  
Thats the other reason I called you in for this,General Smith stated as he entered the room.  Thompson and I immediately stood at attention with a salute.
What?I asked before his words registered.  Oh no.  Im not going to be a translatorSir.  They speak English.
As far as I know he doesnt.”  
Their language is much too complex for me to be comfortable speaking it.  There has been no one who speaks it fluently willing to teach me.  The Kamtra know English.  They speak English,I repeated as though he hadnt heard me.
Well, he does not speak English.  I dont know if he cant or he wont, but all that has come out of his mouth is his native language and youre the only one with a decent background in it.
Wait.  You have the Commander - the Kamtra who is the best of the best - who conveniently doesnt speak English, and who isnt even trying to free himself.  Dont either of you find this a little suspicious?I asked, looking from Smith to Thompson and back again.   Experience tells me that hes right where he wants to be, waiting for the opportune moment, or hes not who we think he is...Sir.
He is who we think he is,Smith stated with conviction. 
How was that possible?  I stared at the monitor showing the docile prisoner.  He was physically intimidating, and he wasnt even doing anything.  Just sitting there, staring at his shackled hands.  His long bare torso was covered with scars that were tinted blue, some looking like tattoos.  His body wasnt huge, but each of his muscles were defined, as though they were chiseled into his flesh.  I couldnt see his face because he was looking down - his black hair came to his broad shoulders, helping to hide his face - but I knew that his eyes had blood red slits for pupils with the same shade encircling his metallic-orange irises.  
 “The Kamtra are extremely dangerous,I reminded them, not looking away from the Kamtra.  Stronger than any other species weve come in contact with, very few have walked away from an encounter with them.  In fact, others have warned me about conflict with them.  Everything Ive read…” 
Hes not that dangerous,General Smith interrupted, sounding bored.
Really?I said as I glanced at Smith.  Then how is it that Sergeant Thompson was just telling me how this Kamtra can tear people apart with his hands?  Sir.
The General shot Thompson a look of irritation, before he glanced at the monitor.  
There are several species that weve come across that are more dangerous,he remarked as he glared at me, daring me to continue arguing with him.
Yes, sir,I replied, biting my tongue.   There had been no species that weve encountered that were more fearsome than the Kamtra, but I knew better than to continue arguing with Smith.  
The main reason he gave my input any amount of consideration was because he and Kyle were like brothers.  They had served together for years.  When General Smith was transferred to X5401, Kyle came with him.  Kyle and I met shortly after their arrival, and it was happily ever after every day since for the last four years.
Join your team, Commander Matix,Smith commanded.
Yes, Sir.
The sooner I could leave his presence the better.  I saluted General Smith, did a quick turn and hurried out the door.  Once I was in the narrow corridor, I forced my fists to unclench.  I despised how being in his presence angered me so much.  I couldnt figure out how Kyle and Smith were such good friends.  I took a deep breath.  It didnt really matter I suppose.  I was going to be leaving here soon, and I wouldnt have to talk to General Smith until I arrived at our destination in about two weeks that alone was going to make this trip worth it.
As soon as I stepped into the prisoner transportation facility, I was greeted by four soldiers saluting me.  I stepped close to each one, looking them over with a serious face, checking their uniforms, making certain that their weapons were holstered properly, and that they were staring straight ahead.  As I looked over the fourth soldier, I made several adjustments before I turned away and smiled.  
At ease.
I cant believe they selected you for this, Matix,Captain Riley immediately stated in utter surprise.
I cant believe you still have so much trouble getting your uniform to spec,I replied as I turned to look at him.
Captain Riley was a good looking solider.  His body was the epitome of elite: hard, strong, and wellperfect.  He had hair that was so blonde that it almost looked white, which he left just long enough that it tended to fall in front of his vibrant green eyes.
You know that looks are deceiving.
Tell me about it,I stated, staring intently at him.
Hey now,he said, feigning insult.
I laughed and he smiled.
Seriously though.  Im curious as to why you are on this particular mission.
 “What?  You think Im the wrong one for this mission, Captain Riley,I stated, pretending to be offended. 
I just thought you were smarter than that.
Im doing a favor.
Riley shook his head at me, and his smile drifted from his eyes.  
What?  Youre here.  Why arent you on your ship causing trouble elsewhere?
He grinned mischievously, for a moment. I didnt have an option.  It was my team that captured him.
Really?I asked with intrigue.  Is he as awful as the rumors?
Theres a reason hes never been captured before.  We just got lucky.
You say that like you dont think it was luck.
He has a plan.  And we just let him in the front door.
I was worried about that.  Do you think that he can get free of his shackles?
Lets hope not.
So you…”
Riley and I turned immediately toward General Smith, and I clenched my jaw.  What was he doing here?  He never comes down here among the grunts.
I am here to personally give you the details.
Yes, Sir.
This team will be transporting a highly trained, highly lethal, high ranking Kamtra.  Once he is in the transport you will not, under any circumstances, open the door.  I dont care if he starts convulsing and blood is spurting all over.  Is that understood?
Yes, Sir!we all said together.
Once you reach your destination in three and a half weeks, which only the driver will know after I tell him, you will follow extreme protocol.  Our prisoner is very important, so there will be no hazing, torturing, or violence acted upon him.  Is that understood?
Yes, Sir!
As usual, General Smith did not allow us to stand at ease through his long winded, not so informative commands, nor when he walked over to speak with the driver.  He briefly glanced our way, and I was certain that a smirk had crossed his lips.  
What was he up to?  
After several minutes, he slowly walked back over to my team.  His presence here and his arrogance made me anxious, which only added confirmation to my gut feeling that something was very wrong.
Well then, you are almost ready to go,Smith stated, eyeing Riley.  The prisoner is being moved to your vehicle as we speak.  Oh, and Captain Riley, its nice to see that your uniform is adequate today.
Nothing like a womans touch, Sir.
General Smith, are you going to tell me where my team is going?I hastily asked before Rileys comment had a chance to grow into something that I would regret.
All you and your team needs to know, Matix, is what Ive told them.
Yes, Sir!I shouted as I saluted him.  He saluted back and after a long haughty stare he walked away.  
Man, I cant stand him,I grumbled as the door shut behind him.  
I dont think anyone here likes him, EmmaI mean Commander Matix.
Just call me Matix, Private Drewski.
Yes, m’amum Matix.
I stepped next to Drewski, and leaned closer to his ear.  Matthew, weve known each other much too long for you to be so uncomfortable.
Im sorry.  Im a bit anxious.  I dont like the way this Kamtra ended up in our midst.”  
I moved away and stared at him.  Youre not the only one,I admitted.  And its not just the little details.
I know.  Ive spent the better part of my career out here, studying the Kamtra tactics, trying to find their weaknesses.  This commander has none.  Everything he does is ruthless, and with no mistakes.  Hes the best Ive ever seen.  I mean, the times hes almost been captured, he has…”
Taken his enemies apart, literally,Riley finished for him.
Drewski nodded with a disgusted look on his face as though visualizing it.
Did Kyle tell you anything?Riley asked, taking my attention away from Drewski.
He just told me that if anything looked shady I should kill the prisoner.
Really?  Thats all?
He doesnt know anything.  He left the…”
Yes, but Smith and him go way back.
So, Kyle isnt as in the dark as you apparently think.
Lets say that youre right.  What would he know?”  
Riley shrugged.  I lifted an eyebrow at him and he glanced away. The reason you are doing this…” Riley began without looking at me.   I assume Kyle convinced you to go.
What?  No.  He didnt even understand why I was going.  Even tried to use my good relations with the other races in this quadrant as a reason why I shouldnt be going.
Riley started to say something, but changed his mind.  I tilted my head in confusion.
Transports here!a soldier shouted.
Are you riding in the prisoners transport or in one of the convoy vehicles?Riley asked as we both looked towards the solider.
 “Prisoner.  General Smith wants to know what he says, if he says anything.
You speak Kamtra?!
Barely.  Its very complicated and with no one who speaks it fluently, Im not at all confident in it.
Barely, huh.
I can understand it quite well, but speaking it is much more difficult.  Some of the words I have the most difficulty with are the difference between peace and war.  I dont want to insult him, or use the wrong word that will forever cause us to be enemies.
Well dont worry.  He doesnt seem all that interested in talking to us.
I nodded, allowing my facial expression to convey my concern.  Riley gave me a half smile, which I knew meant he too was anxious about the situation.
What about you?  Where are you riding?I asked.
I guess Im riding with you.  Drewski and the woman are riding up front, and Mishelson is in the back.
Whos driving?I asked as I looked over at the Prisoner Transport.
A new guy, I guess.  You didnt recognize him?
I didnt think that we had any new soldiers in…”
Well I wouldnt know.  I havent actually been on X5401 in three years.
Has it been that long?
Riley nodded.   You were aboard my ship for about a month a year ago.  Maybe that is why it doesnt seem that long to you.
I smiled at his teasing manner, which quickly disappeared.  And now youre on this mission.
Yep, not even a few days to relax,he replied.
Geez, Im sorry.
Thats what happens when the General doesnt like you.  Its not all bad though.  I get to sit with the prettiest Commander Ive ever served under.
Oh.  Im just pretty, huh.
I would have said intelligent, but you did marry Kyle.
I shook my head.  I dont understand what you dont like about him.
Im not at liberty to say,he replied as his eyes shifted around the room.  Come on, lets go get comfy with our new best friend.

I returned his arrogant smile and led the way to the transport.

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