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I write adventures for those in search of a good story. My novels fall in the Fantasy genre, but many people consider them Sci-fi too. Each story is written with what I look for when I read a book: action, adventure, twists and turns, love, heroes, vicious enemies, fighting (weapons and hand to hand combat). I write because I want to share the stories that are inside of me. I hope you enjoy the adventures as much as I love writing them!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

This last month has zoomed by.  I had a great time at the St.Louise craft show.  I love personally selling my books.  It's so much fun to talk with people about how much they love to read or how they've always wanted to write a book.    

The Huntsman's Daughter came out in ebook on the same day and it has been doing pretty good!  This, in case you didn't know, is an adult book because of the situations that occur.  I am pretty amazed that I wrote it, and actually published it.  Ha ha ha...  I don't read those type of books but I thought why not write one.    This book like all my others is still action packed, it twists and turns, has an adventure, and of course has a love story pulling it all together.  

My daughter finished reading the "The Shadow Dragon: Orbs of Fire", which she confiscated from me a while back because she's been wanting to read one of my books and I kept telling her she wasn't old enough yet.  So, she's been reading it, along with her required readings for school, while she sits next to me.   She enjoyed it so much that she wrote a little Q&A on it for school.  My favorite part was how she answered the question of why she liked it:  "It was unpredictable and it's about a strong hearted girl."  As an author, I loved hearing that she liked it. (Granted I knew she enjoyed it because she laughed and would tell me about the things she liked.) As a mom, I was proud of why she like it.  Okay the author in me liked that part to!

The Shadow Dragon Book 3 is still in waiting process.  One of my editors has had life happen and hasn't been able to get to it.  So I apologize to those of you who are still waiting for me to publish it.  I don't want to publish a disappointing story.

I have started and have almost finished another story.  I still have to write the ending and a small bridge, but its almost 90,000 words and I am almost done fixing my revisions of the first draft onto my computer.  This story took me by surprise.  If you read my writing, you know I don't swear a whole lot.  However, I am writing a character who does like to swear.  My brain naturally wants to think of some other way to say it, but the character refuses.  (It's as strange as it probably sounds.)  I've finally relaxed and given him the freedom to say what he wants.   ;)

I've also been finishing up Story 10.  It's almost done.  I have to go back and do some re-writing since I woke up one morning realizing that it's all wrong, because certain characters wouldn't do what they did.  It's not horrible, actually helpful I think, because it was near the end and I was getting stuck, I'm pretty sure when I go back and fix it the story will come together nicely.   This story is currently at 108,695words.   Hmm... I wonder which of these two stories will be done first.  

I must say that I am very unhappy with the lack of snow this year, it's almost Christmas and it's going to be 60 degrees - and it's only snowed once.  If I wanted a warm winter I wouldn't live in Michigan.  Come on, and snow already.     The walks in the woods are not nearly as pretty as they should be.  Although, we've had some pretty foggy mornings with heavy frost which were pretty awesome, but that's all gone by 10am.   

(I apologize for any fragments or, more likely, run-ons in this blog.  I've woke up at 4am this morning and my brain is going 100mph-ish in a hundred different directions.  And for some reason, I thought now would be the perfect time to blog.)  

I hope you have a wonderful day today!