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I write adventures for those in search of a good story. My novels fall in the Fantasy genre, but many people consider them Sci-fi too. Each story is written with what I look for when I read a book: action, adventure, twists and turns, love, heroes, vicious enemies, fighting (weapons and hand to hand combat). I write because I want to share the stories that are inside of me. I hope you enjoy the adventures as much as I love writing them!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Shadow Dragon (Book 3): Darkness

Darkness was released today July 31st!  This makes it my tenth book published.  I never imagined when I started writing Taken that I would ever publish anything, and here I am 10 finished books later!!  So excited!

I just checked, and it is at iBooks, Amazon, Smashwords, and Kobo, but not Barnes&Nobles (I would expect it to be up soon - not everything can go smoothly).  Anyways, here's the description:

I thought I understood the difference between good and evil, and that my knowledge of the sword would keep me safe. However, my eyes have been opened to those who want to rid the world of me, and nothing is how it seemed. I never could have imagined that there was more to fear than Ceeaira and Marty, but in the wake of Aleksertac’s vow, the dangers have increased ten fold. The Ancients, the Dark Forces, the dragons, and all who want a piece of what Aleksertac now covets are becoming bolder, and alliances are being made. My skills and determination have already been put to the test. How much longer can I really survive in a world with creatures that contain abilities I have never imagined? Aleksertac has been crucial to my survival this far, but will his power be strong enough to fight against them all? Will my spirit have the strength to survive the power that resides within him? I want to believe we can survive, but how long can Light endure Darkness?

Friday, July 1, 2016

Cover for "The Shadow Dragon (Book 3): Darkness"

 There appeared to be one truth to having a dragon by your side: nothing was as it seemed.