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I write adventures for those in search of a good story. My novels fall in the Fantasy genre, but many people consider them Sci-fi too. Each story is written with what I look for when I read a book: action, adventure, twists and turns, love, heroes, vicious enemies, fighting (weapons and hand to hand combat). I write because I want to share the stories that are inside of me. I hope you enjoy the adventures as much as I love writing them!

Monday, April 28, 2014

National SuperHeroes Day!

This is a fun day!  I love superheroes for the ideals that they stand for.  Sure, it would be impossible for us to ever become like most of them.  However, to strive to do what's good, to stick up for - even protect - others, and help those around us are very tangible.  In honor of this day that brings a smile to my face, here are my top ten.   Keeping in mind that there are a lot of Superheroes to choose from and even more everyday heroes, here's my list.  Feel free to add more in the comment section!

1) WonderWoman when she had pre-superman abilities.  I don't particularly like what they have turned her into.
2) It's a tie with Batman and Superman.
3) NightWing
4) BlackWidow
5) BatGirl (I only read the Cassandra Cain series when my son said "Mom read this, I think you'll really like it" and he was right - she was awesome)
6) Flash
7) Captain America (He's a gentleman and a hero - what's not to love)
8) Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
9) Robin (Teen Titans/Young Justice)
10) Wolverine

My list could go on, and I'm sure if I was reminded of a few others I would have to rethink my list, but these have been my favorite since I was a child - minus BlackWidow and Captain America.  I didn't grow up Marvel, but now that they have been formally introduced into my realm they definitely have found their way to my top list.   Have a great day!  :)

Monday, April 21, 2014

2 months until "Heart of the Emperor"

There are 2 months left until the Heart of the Emperor is released!  So what better way to get you guessing about this book than posting the cover.  So here it is:

Yes, I did the cover art, and yes, everything on the cover has something to do with the story!

Friday, April 11, 2014

This week has not been a good week for the writer in me.  It was my kids' Spring Break, I worked, and Robert had a birthday.  I didn't do hardly any writing.  I don't know about other writers, but me personally, I get irritable when I don't get to write.  I have so much going on in my head that everything else is hard to focus on.  It should be the other way around, I know.  We did have a lot of fun though!  Saw Captain America.  Great Movie! The movie was action packed, it didn't lull at all.   I love that honor has so much meaning to Captain America.  He's always looking to do what's right, no matter what it might cost him.   

Since my last post, I have done quite a bit though.  I'm jumping around in my newest book, trying really hard not to get upset.  I can see the story so clearly, but getting it down on paper is proving difficult.  I don't have the option to give up, because I wake up in the morning thinking about this story.   I'm about half way through Story 13 and quite happy with it, and I can see the next book in that story pulling itself together.  The cover for Heart of the Emperor is almost finished!   I started reading through the hardcopy for The Shadow Dragon book 3 and I hate the beginning of Chapter 1 so much that I haven't looked at it since (I almost through it across the room).  I'm also trying to read a couple of books that are by other indie writers.  So far I like them.   

Despite all that I can't stop feeling as though more writing needs to done.  I need to print this picture a friend of mine sent me and put it everywhere: 

After all if the Avengers think I should, who am I (or my kids) to argue?  (I know I'm more of a DC girl, but a great job has been done making these hero's awesome, even in my eyes!)

Monday, April 7, 2014

My Covers

When I read a book, I love discovering how the cover ties into the book - where does the cover fit during the story.  When I design my covers it has everything to do with the story.  Each of my covers has a lot of thought behind it, it is never just thrown on there.  The cover is pulled from the story itself.   I decided that I would use this blog to talk through my covers.  My choices.  

Taken's covers were done by Tammy Boneburg, a very talented graphic artist.  We worked together on that cover.  It was a long process, because I partially knew what I wanted but didn't know how to translate, I didn't know what could be done.  She obviously worked with me (with lots of patience) until we found something that I loved.  I only really knew that the marks of the Satrii had to be on the cover.  She did her best to give it to me.  When she showed me the picture of the eye with the lines layered over it, I knew we had something to work with.  She had given me four other pictures, but the eye was perfect.  Especially since I knew that book 2 was going to be following right behind.  I knew I wanted to keep the eye on both so that the reader would know they were together.  I think she did a magnificent job understanding where I wanted the focus.  Not only did she keep focus on the eye for both books, but she also allowed for the focus to be on the blue lines for the first book and on the second book were the blades that contained a power of their own.

Solace was a bit more difficult because I knew exactly what I wanted, which wasn't the cover it has now.  I probably could go back and try again (and be more successful), but I love the new cover because it allows me to keep book 2 (and hopefully future books for this story) similar to the original book.  The swirling shades of grey, black, and white is actually a scene in the first book.  It also defines the title of Uncharted Territory.  A story where what has always been as clear as black and white to Karissa now becomes blurred into dizzying shades of grey.   Book 2's cover also has significance.  The purple swirl is a scene where Karissa is looking into swirling mist where large flashes of bright red bubble up just like Omatha's rage.  She is reminded of the times she saw the red enter Omatha's eyes and she knows that she does not want that for Jack.  The swirl once again symbolizing Karissa's confusion, how lost she has become.

The Shadow Dragon covers are also significant.  Even if I had the ability to manipulate the cover better than I can, I would still only put the orbs of fire on the black background.   The cover is pretty much self explanatory and at the same time mysterious.  I had asked Mike Kirsten to make the cover for book 2 because he is an extraordinary artist and I was in awe of what he could do.  I knew he could draw the dragon I wanted.  I wish the wings were bigger, but other than that it is perfect.  It shows the strength, the destructive ability, and that he is a dragon of death.  We kept the orbs of fire in the dragon, tying the two covers together.

Not Human came to me in my sleep.  My hope was that when the reader read the book they would comprehend the cover.  They would think, "Oh!  I get it."  They'd understand why the lines are not smooth, why she has silver circles on her skin, how she ended up with two gashes, why her hair was short.  They would also know that Rose's journey was not an easy road.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I have a working computer again!  YEAH!!!  This makes my writing life so much better!   So, I've been working on a few things over the last week.  Go figure, right?  I've spent time trying to understand photo editing so that I can improve upon the cover for Heart of the Emperor.  I'm a slow learner, but I am determined to figure it out.   I have a cover, but I'm not totally happy with it.  It will work, but I think it would look better with a couple of changes.  I'm hoping to get that out to you later this month.

Speaking of Heart of the Emperor.   I wanted to share why I really enjoyed writing this book.    For those of you familiar with my books, you know that my stories tend to keep you guessing.  Whether it's a character, how an event plays out, or how I get the story as a whole from beginning to end, I try to make it as intriguing as I can.  This book is no different.  In fact with this book, the bad guy was a surprise to me too.  As the end began to draw near, I couldn't wait to finish it.  Not because I was bored with writing it, but because I couldn't wait to see how it ended.  There were so many possibilities to who the bad guy was - it really could have been anyone.

 I'm still plucking away at my attempt at a story in 3rd person.  Who knew this could be such a challenging task.  The story is developing, but I know I've left so much out.  Up until this point I've been hand writing this book.  However my mom typed it up for me so I could  work on my other stories.  She told me that i really need to take another look at it.  Apparently I slipped into and out of 1st person.  I just shook my head.   I'm not giving up yet though - I always did like a good challenge.  Yesterday I began fixing the revisions for story13, which I am hoping will be ready to go to my editors when I'm done.   I've also added more to story 14.   Tomorrow I'm printing off The Shadow Dragon book 3.   I really want to get it done so I can  move on to book 4 and get those two books out to you.